Benefitting From The Services In A Substance Abuse Therapy Program

When you struggle with a chemical dependency, you may be desperate to overcome it and live soberly again. You want to ease your body off the addiction and regain your health and peace of mind.

However, you also may realize you cannot accomplish these goals entirely on your own. Instead, you can benefit from enrolling in a reputable local substance abuse therapy program to work toward sobriety.

Gentle Weaning

If you were to try to stop using drugs or alcohol abruptly, chances are you would experience intense withdrawal symptoms and go back to using or drinking again. These symptoms can be so intense that they cause pain and mental anguish to people who abruptly stop taking or drinking whatever to which they are addicted.

When you enroll in a substance abuse therapy program, however, you may be guided in weaning yourself off these substances progressively to avoid intense withdrawal symptoms. You can work toward sobriety in a safe and gentle manner that is designed to increase your chances of success and teach you how to live soberly again.

Talk Therapy

You also get the opportunity to engage in talk therapy when you enroll in a substance abuse therapy program. You might harbor intense emotional and mental triggers that cause you to abuse drugs or alcohol. You may not even clearly understand what those triggers are until you become a client of a substance abuse therapy program.

However, your counselors can work with you in individual and group therapy sessions to help you uncover what those triggers are. Once you understand better what is causing you to devolve into dependency, you can learn to cope with those triggers and manage them in a way that spares you the urge to drink or use drugs again.

Success and Sobriety

Finally, your time in a substance abuse therapy program may allow you to achieve sobriety successfully. You may finally be able to get through a typical day without drinking or using drugs. You also may get continued support services to help you maintain your sobriety and rely on skills you learn to cope with urges to go back to a life of dependency and addiction.

A substance abuse therapy program may allow you to regain sobriety. You can wean yourself off substances gently and progressively. You also can learn how to manage triggers that caused you to use or drink and get continued support to increase your chances of success. 

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