Critical Reasons to Seek Treatment From a Local Pots Syndrome Doctor

When you suffer from a condition that affects your circulatory system, you know how precarious it can be to get through each day. You fear passing out or getting dizzy out in public. You also may be afraid to get up out of chairs or stand up quickly.

To ensure that you can go about your daily routine normally, you can seek help from a local medical clinic by making an appointment with an experienced POTS syndrome doctor. 

1. Preventing Fainting and Dizziness

When you seek help from a knowledgeable POTS syndrome doctor, you can get the help that you need to minimize the faint spells and dizziness that accompany this condition. This illness often targets the circulation of your blood and the beating of your heart. It can make you feel weak and unsteady and even lead to occasional fainting spells and recurrent dizziness.

You cannot simply stay at home and stop working, going to school, or living your life because of this condition, however. You want to maintain your normal routine as much as possible. When you seek help from a POTS syndrome doctor, you can receive treatment to reduce the incidences of fainting and feeling dizzy. Your doctor may prescribe medications to stabilize your heart rate or recommend you take vitamins to encourage healthy blood flow.

2. Learning Safety Tips 

Your POTS syndrome doctor can also teach you skills that you need to remain safe while out in public. For example, he or she can show you how to get up and down out of chairs slowly to avoid feeling dizzy or passing out. Likewise, your physician can show you how to keep track of your heart rate to ensure that it does not get too high or low when you are out in public. These measures allow you to monitor your own health and prevent dizzy spells and fainting. You also will know when it is time to seek help or call 911 if your heart rate becomes unsteady.

Finally, your POTS syndrome doctor can monitor your health and ensure that your syndrome is not getting worse. He or she can also monitor your heart health and blood flow to prevent the onset of new illnesses related to POTS syndrome.

A POTS syndrome doctor can show you how to avoid feeling faint or dizzy. He or she can also monitor your health and prescribe preventative medicines.

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