Using Occupational Therapy Services To Improve Your Overall Function

After suffering a devastating injury or illness, you may need to undergo therapeutic services to regain your former function. Without them, you may not be able to live independently, go back to work, or even move around normally again.

When you want to focus on every aspect of your impaired function at the same time, you can work with an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy services can provide a number of benefits to you as a patient.

Regaining Normal Movement

Occupational therapy services can help you regain your former range of motion. After a serious injury or illness, you may no longer be able to work unassisted. You also may find it difficult to lift things, bend over, or even sit down for prolonged periods of time.

When you undergo occupational therapy services, you can work with a therapist to exercise and regain your ability to move normally. You can lift weights, do stretching exercises, and walk around a track, among other areas, to make your ligaments limber again. You can strengthen your muscles and learn how to move independently without needing a walker or crutches.

Improving Your Speech

A stroke or seizure may have robbed you of your ability to speak normally. You may find it difficult to say certain words. You also may not be able to speak much, if at all. However, when you undergo occupational therapy services, you can get help learning how to speak again. You can learn how to form words and consonant blends. You can also practice speaking to overcome a stutter or to regain your ability to recall what words to use.

Overcoming Emotional Challenges

The occupational therapy services that you undergo can help you overcome any emotional challenges that stem from your injury or illness. You may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, for example. Further, you may be afraid to go out in public, drive by yourself, or be around other people. Fortunately, the therapy will help you adjust to triggers that cause you to experience emotional difficulties. You can gradually readjust to your normal life and no longer feel overwhelmed, afraid, or angry when you encounter triggering situations.

Occupational therapy services can provide a number of benefits after a major injury or illness. You can learn to move normally again and regain your former range of motion. You can also regain your ability to speak and overcome triggers and challenges to your emotional health. Contact an occupational therapy service for more information. 

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