Preparing For Your Hemorrhoidectomy Surgical Procedure

No one really likes to talk about them, but hemorrhoids are a common problem for many people in the population. Thankfully, there are numerous forms of medical treatment available for this painful problem, and there are also surgical procedures meant to remove the hemorrhoids completely. If your doctor has informed you that you need a hemorrhoidectomy surgical procedure, it is best to educate yourself about what recovery will look like so you know how to get prepared. Take a look at some of the things you can do to get ready for your recovery from surgical hemorrhoid removal. 

Stock up on high fiber foods and prepare easy meals in advance.

Right after surgery to remove hemorrhoids, your doctor will likely recommend that you stick to a high-fiber diet and foods that are easier to digest. The reason for this is it will help encourage softer stools that are easier to pass through the still-healing bowels and rectum. In addition, you may not feel a lot like cooking for a few days. Therefore, it is a good idea to stock up on foods that are high in fiber and will either be easily prepared or can be prepared ahead of time and stuck in the freezer or fridge for later consumption. 

Make sure you have plenty of drinking water in the house. 

Taking in a lot of water will be a top priority while you heal after surgery. For one, water is always important to help flush your system and support recovery and proper healing. Secondly, drinking enough water will encourage the digestive tract to move along as usual. If you do not like tap water, make sure you have bottled water in the house to sustain you through recovery. Going out to buy cases of water at the store may not be recommended because you will have to avoid doing any heavy lifting.  

Create a place where you can do most things at the lowest level of your home. 

If your home has stairs and your bed is upstairs, it can be best to move your sleeping quarters downstairs and any other necessities that you will need in the time after your surgery. Climbing stairs can cause a lot of pain in the surgical site, and you will want to be near a bathroom and the kitchen so you don't have to go far to access the things you need every day. 

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