Examining The Benefits Of A Port For Your Cancer Treatments

Dealing with cancer can be frightening and one of the hardest challenges you will ever face. You likely have many decisions to make about lifestyle changes and about the options your oncologist offers you for treatments. When it comes to chemotherapy treatments, your physician may ask if you would prefer to have a port or have your treatments given through needles each time. Learn more about the reasons why a port could be the best choice for your chemo infusion treatments.

Chemotherapy Means You May Have Several Individual Treatments

In most cases, chemotherapy involves several individual treatments. If you have a port for your treatments, you do not have go through consecutive needle sticks. If you have small veins or veins that roll, nurses may have a difficult time hitting them, meaning even more sticks for one treatment. With a port you receive your treatment in a faster, less invasive manner. Ports are surgically placed and can be easily taken care of to avoid issues like infection. Avoiding being stuck every time you have treatments is a good idea.

Faster Treatments Is Best When You Have Several Of Them To Complete

If you have to take the time for visiting several times for your chemotherapy, you may find it frustrating if each visit is long because nurses cannot locate a vein. If you have chemotherapy through injection, your veins could become weakened and collapse, making it tough to locate ones that are suitable for new injections. With a port, all you will need to do is get comfortable and wait for the medication to pass through your port without delays that cost you more time.

Reduced Risk Of Surrounding Tissue Inflammation                                                                              

When chemotherapy is given though an IV, it has a high risk of passing through the walls of the blood veins and into surrounding tissue. The inflammation caused by medication from chemotherapy can be painful and require more medication for soothing it. Avoid the risk of tissue inflammation by choosing a port for your cancer treatments. When you are dealing with any form of cancer, lowering the risk of additional health problems is always the best way to go.

Taking steps to ensure your chemotherapy is as easy on you as possible is important. Discuss with your oncologist about a port and about how one can benefit you the most. Taking steps to care for your health while dealing with cancer is one way to help you maintain the positive attitude you need to deal with cancer treatments. Having a port can help you avoid issues like inflammation that would compromise your good health.

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