3 Ways To Help Your Daughter Make A Decision About An Unplanned Pregnancy

If your teenage daughter is pregnant, then she has to make a decision about keeping the baby. No parent wants to hear their teenager is pregnant, but you have to stay supportive. Your daughter is going through a hard time and has to make an important decision. Here are three ways to support your daughter while going through an unplanned pregnancy.

Seek Counseling

Pregnancy counseling provides pregnant women with information and help. Many teenage girls feel scared when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Your daughter is assigned a counselor. The counselor listens to your daughter and allows her to ask questions. He or she works as an advocate for your daughter and respects the decision she makes about the pregnancy.

This type of counseling is free and confidential. It is also offered to women and men and pregnant women of all ages.

Learn More About Abortion

Getting an abortion is not the most popular choice, but it is an option. It is important to not force an abortion. Your daughter needs to make her own decision. If she chooses to have an abortion, then you need to explain the outcome of making that decision. After the abortion, you have to give your daughter care and support, which will greatly contribute to her emotional and physical health.

You will also need to drive your daughter to and from the center for the procedure. The doctor will prescribe medication that has to be filled at the drug store. You will also have to bring your daughter back to the doctor within a couple of weeks for a follow-up appointment.

Explore Adoption

Adoption is another option open to families with unplanned pregnancies. Some people think that adoption means you are unselfish or do not care about your child. However, adoption is really about what kind of life you want for your child and if you can you provide that lifestyle.

If your daughter wants to pursue an adoption, then she will have a couple of things to consider. She has to think about what type of relationship she wants to have with the adoptive family. There are three types of adoptions, such as open, semi-open and closed. Open adoptions allow you to have ongoing contact with the family. Semi-open allows for limited contact with the child and family. A third party is usually involved with making contact between both parties. Closed adoptions means no contact with the adoptive parents before or during the pregnancy.

There is no right choice when making a decision about a pregnancy. The best thing to do is to listen to how your daughter feels.

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