Answering Common Questions About Astigmatism

There are any number of eye problems that you may be unfortunate to have. In particular, astigmatism is an issue that can create a number of complications for individuals, and it is fairly common. Unfortunately, many patients have a very limited understanding about this condition, which can make it seem more challenging than it has to be. After you learn about the following commonly asked questions, you should find that you are a much better-informed patient when you suspect you have this problem.

How Do You Know If You Have Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a fairly common condition that stems from a misshapen cornea. This condition can result in a number of symptoms that can be very uncomfortable for patients. For example, it is common for those suffering from astigmatism to experience blurry vision, headaches and light sensitivity.

However, these symptoms can be common for a number of eye related problems. Only an experienced eye doctor will be able to diagnose whether patients are suffering from this condition. Due to the fact that this condition can develop later in life, it is important for you to regularly have your eyes checked so this condition can be diagnosed before the symptoms become too disruptive to your life.

Can Astigmatism Be Corrected?

While the effects of astigmatism can vary in severity, it is important to understand that there are likely treatment options that you can use. In situations where the astigmatism is mild, it may be possible to correct it using laser surgery. During this procedure, the doctor will precisely reshape the cornea to reduce the effects of this problem. This type of surgery may sound painful, but it is actually considered a minor procedure with a very short recovery time.

However, if the astigmatism is too severe, this may not be a viable option because the cornea may not be able to be reshaped enough to correct the problem. In this case, corrective lenses may be the only way to fully restore your vision. While wearing glasses or contact lenses may not be the option you wanted, it may be a small inconvenience to suffer for relief from the blurry vision and headaches that come from astigmatism.

Suffering from astigmatism can create a number of difficulties for you, and it may seem like this is a very confusing problem to have. However, the effects of this condition can be extremely uncomfortable, which means it is important to be informed about this condition. If you understand answers to these questions, you will be a far better informed eye patient.

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