About Getting Tested & Treated For Allergies

Do you sometimes start sneezing and get rashes for an unknown reason? You may be experiencing the symptoms of an allergic reaction. A specialist can treat it with immunotherapy after you undergo testing. Find out in this article how a specialist can diagnose and treat your allergy, as well as what the testing is estimated to cost.

How Can a Specialist Diagnose an Allergy?

One of the methods used by a specialist for diagnosing an allergy is a skin test. Basically, the specialist will use an extract containing an allergen on your skin to observe any allergic reactions that you may have. Some of the allergens in the extracts include pet dander, mold and foods that are known to cause allergic reactions. The extracts can be administered in multiple ways for the skin test, including via a patch, prick or injection. A small portion of your skin will be cleansed with alcohol before the test is performed.

Another method of allergy testing is done via a blood test. The reason a blood test is good for diagnosing an allergy is because it can determine what kind of antibodies against allergens are in your bloodstream. The antibodies can show the specialist the specific type of allergens that are causing you to have an allergic reaction. Antibodies are actually designed to make you have an allergic reaction so you will know that there is something wrong. The test is performed by cleansing an area of your skin with alcohol and withdrawing some of your blood via a needle.

After your allergy is diagnosed, a specialist can treat it through a procedure called immunotherapy. You will be injected with the same allergens that you are allergic to. The purpose of immunotherapy is to make your body immune to what causes your allergy symptoms to flare-up.

What Does it Cost to Get Tested for Allergies?

You should expect to pay $150 or more to consult with a specialist about your allergy. If you are given a blood test to find out what the problem is, expect to pay a minimum of $200 or more for it. A skin test is the most affordable and is estimated to cost a minimum of $60 or more. You can save money on testing if you have health insurance coverage. Make an appointment with a specialist, such as Allergy Clinic - Idaho, as soon as possible to find out what is cause you to have an allergic reaction!

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