When A Loved One Is Seriously Injured: 3 Reasons Why Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Is The Best Choice

When a loved one is emotionally and physically burdened by a stroke, broken hip, or traumatic brain injury, it's common for family members and friends to want to protect that loved one. It may seem cruel to force them to get out of bed or do exercises when they are weak and in pain.

Inpatient physical rehabilitation treatment is exactly what a loved one needs at this time, for 3 important reasons:

There is no fear of falling.

For patients with sudden physical disabilities due to accidents or disease, one of the main barriers to successful home rehabilitation is the fear of falling. Caregivers may not want a patient to move around too much because they are concerned about further injury if the patient stumbles.

In an inpatient recovery setting, there are tools to aid mobility that help patients feel safe as they strengthen their bodies. One robotic harness helps patients stand upright without any fear of a tumble. Some inpatient clinics have entire model "apartments" with tracks for the robotic harnesses. Patients practice navigating around the kitchens and living rooms to do simple tasks for themselves.

The important thing to remember is: the stronger the patient grows through focused physical activity, the safer they will be after their rehabilitation is complete. Loved ones can feel secure knowing that inpatient therapy is helping the patient in a safe, proven way that addresses emotional, cognitive, and physical wellness.

Caregivers won't get injured giving therapy.

As much as loved ones may want to help a patient gain independence and practice mobility, some friends and family members are simply not strong enough to assist in this way. Untrained helpers may do more harm than good both to their patients and themselves.

Inpatient physical therapy treatment is performed with specialized equipment by highly-trained professionals. These experts know how to care for and motivate physically-challenged patients without harming themselves. They have all sorts of lifts, furniture, and equipment to help patients safely exercise and practice walking and relearning other life skills.

An inpatient recovery clinic customizes treatment.

Modern inpatient physical therapy treatment involves multiple methods to aid patients in achieving independence and mobility. These include:

  • Pain management techniques
  • Games and apps for cognitive healing
  • Robotic exercisers for hands
  • Ergonomically designed bars and lifts
  • Advanced speech therapy tools

Remarkable discoveries continue to be made in rehabilitative medicine. Researchers recently pioneered a method of stimulating the spine using a non-invasive technique called neuromodulation, then combining that physical stimuli with a robotic exoskeleton. This innovative approach helped a paralyzed man walk again with assistance.

Inpatient physical recovery treatment is a win-win for patients and loved ones. It is the safest way to help patients with sudden disabilities recover and thrive. For more information, contact Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital or a similar location.

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